Tea Party PAC Coalition Demands Congress Secure Our Borders!

To all Patriots, MAGAs and Red-Blooded Americans, I have a hash message I must deliver, so hold on!

America is in the midst of a dire situation that demands our immediate attention and unwavering support. Our great nation is under siege, and it is high time we rise up and defend our borders with unyielding determination!

Listen up, I hope you’re ready to hear some hard truths because I’ve got something to say. It’s about time Patriots stand up for a secure America! Got it!

I am writing to you today as an infuriated advocate for securing our borders and finally putting an end to the despicable Illegal Alien crisis which is mercilessly strangling our great nation.

Listen up, folks! I ain’t gonna beat around the bush here – I’m fuming, and I reckon you’re just as fired up as I am. It’s high time we rise up and demand action!

Invasion and border control are not just political issues, they are the very fabric of our nation’s economic prosperity, national security, and public health.

Are we supposed to just sit back and accept Illegal Aliens pouring in taking our jobs, draining our resources, and diluting our culture? Are you kidding me? This is our country, and we should prioritize the needs and interests of our own citizens first!

Setting the record straight! Don’t get me wrong, I believe in legal immigration by those who are willing to take a medical, learn about America, read the Constitution, salute our flag and  be sworn in. NOT the willy-nilly reckless invasion of millions of undocumented criminals who break the law getting here and continue to break the law by staying here.


So listen up. Like any sovereign country, the United States must fiercely and unapologetically control immigration and unapologetically prioritize the needs of our hardworking, law-abiding citizens and legal immigrants.

Now you can see the urgency for yourself!  [Donation Link]

It’s about time we put America first and stop allowing our borders to be overrun by those who disrespect our laws and drain our resources.

We must stand up for our country and demand our leaders take decisive action to protect our sovereignty and ensure the well-being of our own people.

No more excuses, no more political correctness – it’s time to take a stand and defend the values that have made America great. And this ABSOLUTELY MUST start with SECURING our SOUTHERN BORDER!

The ongoing situation at the southern border is an absolute disgrace and a complete failure of our government. It is an unprecedented and catastrophic crisis threatening the very fabric of our nation. Illegal border crossings have skyrocketed to unprecedented levels, thanks to the complete disregard for our laws!

When I witnessed the heart-wrenching abandonment of innocent children by heartless smugglers at our borders I knew I had to do something! Children, cold, alone without direction or hope are being dumped into America, some as your as 3 years old! This must stop!

It is an absolute travesty vulnerable women and children are being victimized in this manner, all because of the failure to secure our borders. The needless loss of lives which occurs as a result of this chaos is utterly devastating. Not to mention, the thriving criminal enterprises flourishing due to the lack of enforcement.

And let’s not forget about the surge in public health concerns being exacerbated by this unchecked influx of individuals. It is high time we take a stand and demand action to put an end to this madness!

Are you with me?

The absolutely outrageous and infuriating surge in drug-related deaths of American citizens is an infuriating slap in the face and should serve as a wake-up call to the urgency of this crisis.

It’s absolutely maddening the Biden Regime doesn’t give a shxt about deterring the rampant influx of tens of millions of Illegal Aliens.  But wait, the Biden Regime somehow sends piles of resources, secret airplane flights and pays for billions of dollars of high-class hotel rooms for the aid and comfort of Illegal aliens while our veterans sleep on the streets!

Dem infested high-end affluent areas and many filthy dysfunctional blue states cities claim they are sanctuary cities but are nothing could be further from the truth! Outrages!

Border towns and states are being absolutely crushed under the weight of the disastrous consequences brought upon by these disgustingly porous borders and the abysmal failure of our immigration policies. It’s a disgrace!

However, don’t you dare underestimate the fact every single American is deeply impacted by the catastrophic repercussions of those despicable illegal drugs, especially the lethal fentanyl, and the abhorrent human rights violations which arise from the rampant human trafficking at our border.

We absolutely cannot afford to stand idly by and allow this travesty to persist and the Tea Party Coalition is doing something about it!

We must absolutely demand immediate action from Congress RIGHT THIS INSTANT! Or we will demand Sleepy Joe Biden’s impeachment and throw the rest of his socialist liberal buddies out of office! Fact!

It is absolutely infuriating that there are still individuals out there who fail to grasp the dire consequences of our utterly uncontrolled and shamefully unsecured border. This blatant disregard for the safety and well-being of our great nation and its people is nothing short of a disgrace.

You and I know it is high time to push back!  [Donation Link]

It is high time we wake up and acknowledge the imminent danger of this unchecked influx of Illegal Aliens poses to our society. This is an absolute outrage! It is an absolute travesty our own citizens and those who have diligently followed our immigration laws are being treated so unfairly. It is an absolute disgrace our government continues to prioritize the needs and wants of Illegal Aliens over the rights and well-being of our own people, especially our veterans!  This blatant disregard for the rule of law is an affront to everything our great nation stands for. We must demand justice and hold our elected officials accountable for their gross injustice!

Join the Tea Party PAC Coalition in demanding Congress SECURE OUR BORDER NOW!

As an Independent Expenditure Political Action Committee (Super PAC) we can push our influence into any race, endorse any candidate and back any cause! We IN NO WAY are authorization by, affiliation with, direction from, or endorsed by any candidate or candidate’s committee.


We Work For YOU! Now you know why we are so bold in protecting our beloved country! And to top it off We Are The Tea Party! Got it!


Keep reading! It is an absolute disgrace our nation’s border is being left wide open, allowing Illegal Aliens to flood into our country unchecked. This is not only a threat to our national security, but it also undermines the rule of law and jeopardizes the well-being of American citizens.


Stand with us, shoulder to shoulder, as your vital donation will amplify our message! Tea Party PAC is calling awareness to this open border crisis as we united to fight against the leftist propaganda while holding our leaders accountable!

Your donation is a much-needed boost to push our secure the borders agenda

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What should you expect? A real change will come from it.

Tea Party PAC is grateful for your steadfast dedication it is imperative in the fight to fortify our borders and safeguard the well-being of our great nation.

Patriots must unite to defend our exceptional nation and secure a more prosperous future for our children and generations to come.

I am absolutely resolute in securing our borders, are you?

Listen up, I’ve had it up to here with liberal nonsense! It’s time for all Patriots to wake up and smell the freedom and not the filthy stench of a disgraced and rotting nation!

Now, it is your turn to step up and be the Patriot you really are!

Your first step will always be the hardest but it is the most important. Your first step is to join the Tea Party PAC Coalition and support us as we battle shoulder to shoulder for the preservation of freedom and secure borders.

Fervently Patriotic


Tea Party PAC


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