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PROOF: Election Hijackers Shamelessly Confessed To Vote Cooking!

(PCC)20 percent of the votes are cooked, and the election hijackers proudly boast about their cheating.   I have written many articles, posted many videos and proven without a shadow of a doubt the election system is being cooked! Yet, to this day nothing is being done about it, wonder why?

In recent times, a shocking truth has emerged from the depths of our electoral system – a truth that threatens the very foundation of our Republic. The alarming confessions of widespread voter fraud in mail-in ballots have sent shockwaves through the hearts of patriotic Americans who hold the sanctity of our elections dear.

In a groundbreaking survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports, a startling revelation has emerged, exposing the rampant voter fraud  plagued the 2020 election.

Astonishingly, one out of every five voters who opted for mail-in or absentee ballots has admitted to engaging in some form of fraudulent activity. This alarming statistic raises serious concerns about the integrity of our electoral system and demands immediate attention from those entrusted with safeguarding our democracy.

The alarming revelations, derived from the opinions of 1,085 individuals likely to vote, unveil a troubling pattern  necessitates urgent attention and decisive measures.

The survey reveals a shocking revelation: a staggering 30 percent of participants opted for mail-in ballots; a method that has been widely criticized for its potential to compromise the integrity of our elections.

Even more concerning is the fact  21 percent of respondents shamelessly confessed to engaging in the illegal act of casting ballots on behalf of others. This blatant disregard for the law is a grave threat to the very foundation of our democracy. The poll’s margin of error, a mere 3 percent, with an impressive 95 percent confidence level, highlights the undeniable importance and unwavering dependability of these groundbreaking findings.

Equally alarming is the deeply concerning revelation  a staggering 19 percent of individuals who cast their votes via mail have shockingly admitted to allowing a friend or family member to unlawfully complete their ballot on their behalf. This distressing revelation serves to further intensify the already looming specter of voter fraud that continues to plague our cherished democratic process.

Analyzing the data, the poll uncovers glaring disparities between the followers of former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden. Disturbingly, a staggering 14 percent of Biden’s mail-in voters engaged in vote cooking and election hijacking and other dubious electoral practices. This revelation raises serious questions about the integrity and legitimacy of the mail-in voting system, highlighting the urgent need for stricter safeguards to protect the sanctity of our elections.

Furthermore, a shocking revelation has emerged regarding the integrity of the recent election. Astonishingly, a staggering 13 percent of mail-in voters who supported President Joe Biden have acknowledged partaking in such dubious activities. This stark disparity raises serious concerns about the credibility and fairness of the mail-in voting system employed during the election.

The poll further exposes the rampant and egregious instances of fraudulent activities  marred the integrity of the 2020 election.

In a stunning revelation, a staggering 10 percent of likely voters have come forward with claims of having knowledge about individuals engaging in the unlawful act of casting mail-in ballots in a state other than their designated permanent residence.

Even more alarming is the shocking revelation  a staggering 8 percent of respondents admitted to being enticed with payment or rewards in exchange for their votes. This deplorable practice has been linked to the influence of friends, family members, and even political parties themselves.

Amidst mounting fears of rampant voter fraud, especially during the controversial 2020 election, Republicans have valiantly championed the urgent need for robust election integrity laws. Georgia, a state  has boldly taken a stand for election integrity, recently passed laws  have faced fierce opposition from the Biden administration.

These laws, known as the Election Integrity Act, have become the subject of legal battles as the current administration shamelessly attempts to undermine the will of the people. President Biden, in his typical hyperbolic fashion, shamelessly labeled the Georgia law as “Jim Crow on steroids.”

However, his attempts to dismantle this crucial legislation were met with a resounding defeat when a federal court rightfully rejected his administration’s audacious overreach in October.

The shocking exposé of rampant voter fraud, particularly in the realm of mail-in ballots, serves as a clarion call for a robust and unbiased endeavor to tackle these grave concerns.

Final Word: Now! The ultimate slap in the face! Washington has finally devalued the America people to the point even their votes are worthless. Our money is sent to other countries, homeless drug addicts receive more benefits than our wondered veterans and the surge of Illegal Alien are welcomed with opened arms being treated as royalty!

But don’t worry you do get something out of all this………the bill!

We Will Make America Great Again, But Not Without You!

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