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A Message To All Patriots:
Tea Party PAC and our coalition members stand at the forefront in defense of America, and we need you to join us in this crucial fight.

Our Republic has long served as a beacon of freedom, democracy, and hope. However, the brilliance of that light is fading. The cherished principles of liberty, individual rights, limited government, and lower taxes face an unprecedented assault and may soon be extinguished.

Tea Party PAC along with our coalition members, are sounding the alarm on an extreme anti-American agenda that poses a serious threat to our educational institutions, our children, and the future values of the next generations.

Tea Party PAC and our coalition members must confront Bidenomics failed policies resulting in inflation and a fabricated economic hardship, has undermined the very foundation of the American dream, a dream we must preserve.

Tea Party PAC and our coalition members refuse to tolerate unchecked and dangerous open borders giving free passage to millions of undocumented foreign nationals to pour into our nation. We demand secure borders!

Tea Party PAC and our coalition members demand the ending the era of justice resembling weaponized tribunals of socialism, issuing anti-God rulings which undermine core values. The justice system should not be used to persecute past presidents with baseless charges and minor infractions.

Tea Party PAC and our coalition members seek answers regarding the actions of a sitting President and the first family, particularly in relation to the sale of classified information, power-brokering, and questionable business dealings.

It falls upon Tea Party PAC and our coalition members to lead the way in reclaiming what has been taken from us. Are you with us?

Today, we, the members of the Tea Party PAC (Political Action Committee), and coalition members reach out to you with a heartfelt plea, a call to action, and an urgent appeal for assistance during these dark times.

We stand resolute in our demand for a smaller government, lower taxes, and a return to sanity. However, we cannot accomplish this mission without your unwavering support and your commitment to join us in the battle to preserve America’s freedom.

The time has come for you to take proactive steps by becoming a member of the Tea Party PAC Coalition. As a coalition member, you will become a part of a united front dedicated to safeguarding our nation’s future.

A personal message from our co-founder………

                    Join and support this important work!




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