We Will Make America Great Again, But Not Without You!

Patriots, this is a big report and I have a lot to tell you, please read to the end. I’m about to disclose some very critical information about the Open Borders, Biden involvement and Chinese secrets you don’t want to miss! You won’t be disappointed!

Direct From The Tea Party PAC Coalition Headquarters

I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore! I’m sure you feel the same way but what I have for you will shake you to the bone!

The radical left’s continuous attack on America has reached its peak as they begin their final phase of destruction.

Make Sure You Read To The End
I Am Going To Show You What You Can Do To Take Action!

Attention Patriots! You must join the Tea Party PAC Coalition to save our nation! America is in trouble, and we cannot stand by while our principles and freedoms are violated. Stand up for justice!

Join TEA PARTY PAC COALITION today to speak out! Together, we can defend America against radicals.

Patriot, we mean business and are furious!  This Is Real

We’re the Tea Party Political Action Committee!

We are the real deal! The Tea Party Political Action Committee is a registered Super PAC with unlimited political expenditures, but does not make contributions to any candidates or parties. We can accept donations from individuals, corporations, unions, and other entities without legal restrictions.

Take action today before it’s too late!

Here is the battle we are facing; it is uphill and filled with dangers.  We are the resistance, are you? This is what the Tea Party PAC is fighting and we need your help, NOW!

We are protesting, in the face of the liberal attack machine!

  • PROTEST #1: Massive Election Fraud!
  • PROTEST #2. Unlawful Trump Prosecution!
  • PROTEST #3: America Is Surrendering To China
  • PROTEST #4: Open Borders Disaster!
  • PROTEST #5: Illegal Aliens Protected, Not Prosecuted!
  • PROTEST #6: Biden Economics Killing Economy!
  • PROTEST #7: Biden Crime Syndicate Sold Out America!
    Trader Joe Biden sold to the lowest bidder!


To begin, let me introduce myself. As the Tea Party PAC’s President and Founder, I am no stranger to political conflict. Upon graduating from Law School, I decided to work as an advocate for the interests of the American people rather than pursuing a fat-cat legal career gorging at the trough of the corporate gravy train. I’ve been committed to this goal for the past 33 years with no wavering. I have devoted my life defending liberty and protecting our Republic, whether it was by standing post as a volunteer Minuteman along the US-Mexico border, my involvement in marches down along Pennsylvania Avenue carrying a cardboard sign or my current endeavor of writing to you. I am on the job and I’m asking you to join me in our struggle to Make America Great Again.

So, buckle up and lets rock!

The final straw… though I warned you, we’re experiencing the greatest nightmare.

But there is hope! President Trump is the only hope in this liberal wasteland.

Sleepy Trader Joe, a radical left puppet, has shamelessly grabbed power, pushed America to its horrible last years, if nothing is done to stop him!


Sorry if it sounds harsh, but we’re the resistance and the Dems don’t want to Make America Great Again, they want to end America.

All those pig-headed morons can do is prosecute Trump with every illegal trick they can cook up, but that’s not all………..

Listen up! Infuriating to watch people who lack conviction. You’re dedicated or wasting everyone’s time. War doesn’t allow hesitancy or half-heartedness. Choosing the right side is a privilege but sitting on the fence is death to all of us!

Time to get on board or get out of the way!

Does this language pis.s you off? GOOD! Do you think for one minute George Washington or Abraham Lincoln were sweethearts? Hell no, They fought a cutthroat ruthless enemy and won! You don’t do that by being Mister Nice Guy! Got it!

TEA PARTY PAC COALITION: Join Now! This astonishing movement is growing and our ranks are filling up with dedicated conservatives tired of liberalism poison. We are fighting the relentless attack on our values. Stand against left-wing tyranny in our lovely land. Stop waiting—join Tea Party Resistance PAC.

America cannot afford inaction! We lack true warriors who will finish the fight.

As G*d is my witness, I am furious and must inform you immediately…

We finally unleash everything… It’s time!

The Coalition is the last line of defense against the left’s deadly and severe socialist program.

Our fight is hard, but we must go eyeball to eyeball with Washington’s pukocrats and construct every barrier to thwart their agenda.

We must act soon because time is short. Listen up, folks! I have a solution to Make America Great Again but first we have to dump those weasels blowhards in Washington and start fresh, do you hear me!  So focus and buckle up

  • HERE IT IS! The TEA PARTY PAC’s intelligence team has uncovered a rising mountain of evidence suggesting a wicked plot to destroy our nation…Proof of our Republic’s awful evolution into a socialist fascist regime.

Listen up: TEA PARTY PAC is assembling America’s strongest coalition.

One major obstacle remains in our way. We urgently need a strong army of patriotic Americans from across the nation to donate so we can…build a commanding nationwide army of Patriots ready to resist and ready to win!

Are you with  me?


For the sake of our nation, please help us immediately. We cannot afford to waste another instant in our desperate situation.

  • You and I know it is Obama in the background pulling puppet Trader Joe Biden’s string’s, right!

Lets face it. Trader Joe Biden couldn’t find his A$$ with 2 hands and he is supposed to be the left’s great leader? Bull$hit!

Listen, as I break it down piece by ‘frustrating’ piece here is what we are going to fix once we gain control of all three houses!

Get it, Got it, Good!

PROTEST #1: Massive Election Fraud!

Deep seated corruption! The election was a hate filled attempt to topple Trump and install a tyrant violates democracy. The vile Democrats are trying to stop, silence and stifle Trump, he and his team caught them in the act and now they are trying to silence him at any cost…..and you know it!

Let me ask you an honest question…..

  • Why does the lunatic left get so riled up when Trump is mentioned?


  • Deceptive Democrats fear President Trump will release the avalanche of evidence demonstrating their deception and abhorrence.

Shocking! This explains their insane behavior before, during, and after his presidency, as they shamelessly construct their absurd impeachment hoax, dirty dossier, and fake charges of being a Russian spy!  (give me a break)

Listen up, folks! I know you are astonished, but listen!

  • You know it’s true, don’t you? Of course they cooked the election because America doesn’t want their socialist agenda and rejects it wholeheartedly! So they had no other cards to play but to cook the election. Otherwise they would have lost not only the White House to Trump but many, many seats in the House and Senate…and you know it! Right!

Wake up, patriots! We must combat the liberal agenda splitting our nation and spitting in the face of Lady Liberty!

NO MORE EXCUSES! Join TEA PARTY PAC COALITION and stop allowing the extreme left to dominate America. Share your voice by joining the Coalition today!

Are you ready for the next point Tea Party PAC is protesting??If you are weak and scared truth then please stop reading and go back home to Mama and ask her to change your adult diapers, Ok!

We Will Make America Great Again, But Not Without You!

PROTEST 2. Unlawful Trump Prosecution!

Truth be told…..You know this is true but finally somebody is saying it out loud! The Dems will do anything to silence Trump, look what they did to JFK to shut him up!

G*d Awful There are no nice words I can use to describe what those blood thirsty Democrat criminals are doing to Trump! This dreadful tsunami of  fraud trials is a radical left fabrication and a farce!

Relentless vendetta! The Dems are throwing everything at Trump and all those who believe in the US Constitution but Trump won’t backdown and neither will we! Got it!

  • Excuse me but I have got to say it! That vile witch Hillary with her phone smashing, computer bleach-bit washing and the mountain of body bags are silently swept under the rug by the debauched and perverted Alphabet Agencies look very complicit to the America people! Hillary has sold her soul to the globalist agenda! Something you and I will never do!

The Dems will do anything to silence Trump,

look what they did to JFK!

The extreme DemoCRUMBS shamelessly search the internet for Capitol attack footage and audio to use against Trump turning the truth into a lie!

UNDERSTAND THIS: If you get nothing else out of this letter know this: The only person who got killed in the January 6th was an unarmed Patriot killed by a government agent! Ashli Babbitt, an Air Force veteran, was fatally shot by a Capitol Police Agent! NO POLICE OFFICERS WERE KILLED! Where is the outrage?

Unbelievable! Unarmed, peaceful protests are accused of sedition being beat, imprisoned and one of our brave veterans killed at point blank range and yet Trump is being tried for what?  Can anyone rationally justify the lefts lawlessness?

Are you mad and not going to take it anymore? Well, it’s about time!

The Dems will do anything to silence Trump,

look what they did to JFK!

Are you starting to get the picture? This is not political debate but WAR! Just as sure as you are reading this the Dems are at war with the American people and they are after over fifty percent of Americans, but why?


See! This is why the Tea Party PAC must build an army of Patriot to protest and fight against the darkness which has gripped our land!

Do you agree or just going along to get along?

Time to win! The Tea Party Resistance is a fighting force against the radical left to retake our nation. Are your boots ready for battle? Tired of leftist agendas sweeping society? Fed up with conservative values eroding?


Amazing, to put it simply Tea Party PAC is building our army because you deserve better than Democrat handouts! You with us?

PROTEST #3 America Is Surrendering To China

Lamebrain, goofball Biden Regime is in love with America’s enemy! As matter-of-fact evidence is pointing to how the Biden Crime Family has sold us down the river for fat-cat profits! The turncoat Biden Regime aids Chinese invasion! Backstabbing Chinese Communist regime’s sneaky infiltration of our magnificent nation has now been exposed and by none other than the sweetheart deals the Republican Congress is now exposing! Contemptible!

  • Brazen Biden’s affection for China is troublesome because the family looks to have profited shamelessly from their tight relationship with China and what does the American people get out of it? NADA!

Brutal Chinese tactics are seriously undermining US security and sovereignty.

CRITICAL! Have you heard the stunning news?

What! China has captured the sports market and all the big shot athletes wanting to make some serious bucks are secretly have their shoes, shirts, memorabilia built by the tons using slave labor in China, and many of the slaves are children!

Appalled and outraged!

  • Just like Trader Joe Biden they are cashing in on child labor and fat profits by selling out America while many Democrats are swimming in international cesspools of tainted profits to grab a piece of their filthy payola!

Outright decadent! But it doesn’t stop with the China Cash Cow but now China is licking it’s lips lusting for the sweet and tasty underbelly of Taiwan!

  • China knows if Trump get back into office they will be unable to grab Taiwan this is why the Dems want Biden to move as fast as possible to help China! But why? Billions and Billions of illegal campaign donations and dark money tsunami’s pouring into the bulging coffers of unreported slush funds!

This is insane!

Now you can see why…….

TEA PARTY PAC COALITION is demanding to Make America Great Again and Will Fight To Keep It Great!

REMEMBER, we are a Political Action Committee/Super PAC and we aren’t hiding this fact! This is why we need you to donate generously so we can build an army and resist our nation’s destructive radicalism. The future of America is at risk, and we cannot tolerate attacks on our values. Take action against this constant attack on our beloved country.

PROTEST #4: Open Borders Disaster!

Eye-Opening! Who is pouring into America? Should We the People know who barging into our beloved nation?

Let’s ask a few questions about who is bursting in?

  • Who are they?
  • What are their names?
  • Are they escaped foreign felons?
  • Child molesters?
  • Do they bring dreaded diseases?
  • What country are they from?
  • Are they terrorists?

We don’t know, We don’t know, We don’t know….

  • Shut Up is what you are told! If you ask then you are a racist, xenophobe, mean spirited, white supremacist, hatemonger, and worst of all you are unenlightened and a knuckle dragging neanderthal.

Horrifying! The Biden Crime Syndicate blatantly invited over 23 million illegal aliens to invade America and in contempt for hardworking Americans. He recklessly encourages foreigners to flood our cherished nation, disregarding American concerns.

‘Now are you starting to get the picture of what Tea Party PAC is up against!’

Wake up to the horrible reality around us! This vote-stealing scheme is bad and not getting better!

Be Bold! You must join the TEA PARTY PAC COALITION

Question: You know why the Democrats and the Biden Crime Syndicate want more illegal aliens to flood our nation right?

  1. They want to hijack the US Census. The Census is what is used to create Congressional districts and every new district will swing left! They’ll make sure of that by ‘hook or by crook’.
  2. Cheap labor is just a plus! The Illegal aliens get a ITIN

(Immigrant Tax Identification Number) number and it acts like a Social Security Number, so they can pay into Social Security but can’t draw it! So the Dems can keep getting the cash flow without commitment and pay nothing out!

  1. Illegal Aliens will create a voting block because many of them vote anyway and there is no one stopping them!
  2. Dilute the middle-class Christian voting block and replace them with government dependent serfs.

Truth be told, the Illegal Alien invasion is nothing less than a Jackpot for the Democrats and a kick in the A$$ to hardworking American citizens!

What more harm is America’s Bought and Paid For President doing to ruin us?

TEA PARTY PAC COALITION will Make America Great Again and Will Fight To Keep It Great ……….But Not Without You!


PROTEST #5: Illegal Aliens Protected, Not Prosecuted!

Brazen! We cannot afford to have the middle class crushed beneath the weight of tens of millions of invaders here to conquer and take! It’s not bad enough the Biden Crime syndication has opened the borders  but now Biden has instructed his Dem buddies to treat these ‘new arrivals’ like protected and preferred first class US citizens! Outrageous!

Who do Biden and his cronies think they are?

  • Jaw-Dropping! Biden is using our hard-earned tax dollars to ship these trespassers to New York, San Francisco and other high-end cities and check them in to first class hotels with ALL the amenities!

Blatant! First Class For Them But Nothing For You….but you are paying for a luxury lifestyle to Illegal trespassers! You read it right. Hotels you and I can’t afford to stay in these Illegal Alien trespassers are luxuriating in high class suites with full room service, free beverage bars and having access to ALL the first-class hotel has to offer. Disgraceful!

  • WOW! Pool, gymnasium, spa, open seating dining, laundry services, free outbound phone service, room service and the list goes on and one. But who is paying for all this luxury? YOU AND I ARE PAYING AND PAYING AND PAYING!

BUT OH, IT GET WORSE! Now the Biden Crime Family has blocked deportations and made it impossible for ANY law enforcement to touch a squatting illegal alien! ☹


Nation Killer! This is an atrocious violation of our sovereignty and law! Not just amnesty or border control, but the slow erosion of our immigration system and identity.

Unlimited massive illegal immigration invasion is treason against the US and its law-abiding citizens.

  • Tea Party PAC says: Secure the Borders, Deport the trespassers and fire the Biden Crime syndicate! ….that will be a good start!

Are you with me?

PROTEST #6: Biden Economics Killing Economy

Question: Are you better off now or were you better off during the Trump years?


  • Inflation is up 40 years high and climbing!
  • Eggs up 33.1%
  • Meat up 8.2%
  • Gasoline up 59.9%
  • Used cars up 7.1%
  • Air travel up 34.1%.
  • 61% of live paycheck to paycheck
WOW!! Homeless skyrocketing over 800,000 known to be homeless! This is more than the population of: Columbia, South Carolina – Salem, Oregon – Salt Lake City, Utah, and Des Moines. Iowa       COMBINED!

Blistering rage and frustration over job-killing policies which destroy American jobs. The brazen disregard. The Biden administration cruelly halted border wall construction and refused to deport trespassing squatters!

“They couldn’t care less about us,” and you know it’s true!

Painful! Can you believe liberal politicians’ audacity? They violate our liberties with their extremist agenda. Infuriating! They want to destroy our Constitution and ideals. The biased mainstream media are left-wing mouthpieces. They lie, distort, and sell propaganda to brainwash others. We must resist!

IMPORTANT. Are the end of this important message I am going to ask you to find it in your heart to help us out, so please keep reading.

“Absolutely infuriating, I must say” If it wasn’t for the Tea Party PAC Coalition and a handful of our friends the liberal socialists have already marched America into utter failure and destruction!


Too Much! Liberal agenda has gone rampant for too long. The Biden administration’s disgusting disregard for the American people couldn’t care less…

You and I both know it’s not about Democracy but about socialism and the iron fist rule of the Democrat oligarchy!  This is why we must fight back!

We Will Make America Great Again, But Not Without You!

  • Shameless! Biden irresponsibly cancelled the Keystone XL project on his first day in office, ignoring the thousands of jobs and economic opportunities it would have created for hardworking Americans. This shows his contempt for the energy industry and his willingness to put the radical environmental agenda above the American people.

A blow to the workers who would have benefited from this project and to our energy independence. Biden’s actions only worsened the situation.

Protest #7: Biden Crime Syndicate Sold Out America!

Ruthless! The coup de grâce to liberty! If Trader Joe Biden and his Crime Syndicate can get away their crime spree then America is finished and the Republic is dissolved.

-Are We the People going to let this Democrat Puppet get away with:

  • Secret Millions in bribe payments
  • Brazen Sedition
  • Shameless Treason
  • Selling access and possibly secrets to China and America’s enemies
  • High Crimes and Misdemeanors by the boat loads

You know it! If the Biden Crime Syndicate gets away with these crimes then We the People don’t deserve the blessings of freedom, we deserve slavery and serfdom, because this is exactly where we are heading if we allow these wrongdoings to go unaddressed, unadjudicated and if guilty unpunished.

  • Tea Party PAC Coalition is demanding a house cleaning from the White House, House of Representatives and Senate and nothing less will do!

Scandalous! According to evidence, Joe Biden was involved in influence peddling, bribery, and money laundering, and this is only what Congress has discovered so far! OMG!


PAY-TO-PLAY! The Big Guy, ‘Crime Godfather Joey Mister “transparency” Biden’ is blatantly crooked and dishonest.

JAW-DROPPING! Scream at the dreadful president’s influence peddling, bribes and the depth of the filthy betrayal is still being exposed!

Trader Joe Biden’s immorality and corruption have damaged our

trust in the integrity of our Republic!

But what If…..If these charges are true, Obama’s Vice President Biden was dreadful! Arrogance and  braggadocious is Biden’s false cover for crime and secret backroom deals!

Egregious infringement on freedom! Bidens’ flagrant power abuse and careless anger has paved the way to the collapse of justice and integrity!  He has shanked corporations and grabs government authority, while clandestinely committing atrocious crimes while openly pocketing bribes and money laundering, just to name a few of his low points.

  • Wait a minute! Do you for one second think I’m wrong or somehow mistaken? Of, then show the fact and give proof these claims are fabricated and filled with untruth! How do you explain this? Hunter Biden’s shocking involvement with Burisma Holdings, a fraudulent Ukrainian energy company, when his father was Vice President.


Deep seated corruption behind closed doors. The Bidens hid their son’s Ukraine company, but this bombshell shows the ex-VP’s shady influence peddling.

The American people need answers and punishment for this gross power abuse.

Join the fight now you know what Tea Party PAC is up against!

Money, Money, Money! Bidens’ finances and money laundering raise concerns about their lawlessness. Many seek transparency and responsibility.

Contempt for democracy and people. I must expose power abuses and hold politicians accountable.

America Deserves Better, and you and I know it!

Listen up! I won’t stop until our government is transparent and accountable. These ludicrous accusations need further scrutiny.


Won’t you agree with me, it’s infuriating to see our conservative principles relentlessly attacked.

  • Open and arrogant filled with contempt displayed to our Founding Fathers is appalling. The apparent disrespect for the ideals and beliefs they fought so hard for is infuriating. Our nation’s heritage is being trampled, which is shameful.

Let’s not forget Biden’s betrayal for oil and gas employees and small business!

**URGENT! Act Now or Be Shocked… We need your quick donation or click on the link to access our exclusive report. Prepare for mind-blowing insights…

Putting It All Together!

I know I threw a lot of information at you but you had to know and we had to tell you what Tea Party PAC and every freedom loving America is up against.

Here are the Protest Points once again for review:

  • PROTEST #1: Massive Election Fraud!
  • PROTEST #2. Unlawful Trump Prosecution!
  • PROTEST #3: America Is Surrendering To China
  • PROTEST #4: Open Borders Disaster!
  • PROTEST #5: Illegal Aliens Protected, Not Prosecuted!
  • PROTEST #6: Biden Economics Killing Economy!
  • PROTEST #7: Biden Crime Syndicate Sold Out America!

Here’s the plan to absolutely kickstart a patriot grassfire across America, Are you with me?

If you haven’t read anything else in this email, PLEASE read my personal message to you, Ok!

We need to keep building the rank-and-file Resistance! Put boots on the ground and notify America we got their back!

Are you with me?

We Will Make America Great Again, But Not Without You!

But I’m going to be straight up with you and hold nothing back! Ready?

I want to be completely honest with you, holding nothing back. Are you prepared? These are our requirements, and here’s how you can play a significant role in the upcoming conflict in our beloved nation…..

  • Help Now 1. We require your signature on the Resistance Pledge. You have the option to sign it anonymously, although we will need your email address to send you important updates on our progress. We need to keep in touch!
  • Help Now 2. We need to acquire additional email server space, either through purchase or rental, to ensure we can send alerts to all the Patriots who are eagerly anticipating our messages. (we are running short on this) 
  • Help Now 3. We are seeking more individuals like you, Patriots, who are proactive and prepared to make an impact. Our aim is to expand our ranks and establish a strong footing for the creation of a formidable citizen army.

This is the initial step in the process of building this vast coalition. Your steadfast support is something I am confident I can rely on……

On a personal note…….

I am asking you to find it in your heart to support this ongoing work. Without your involvement, this message holds little value, but with your contribution, it becomes an invitation for you to participate, contribute, and engage in actions which will make a positive impact in Making America Great Again!

Can America count on you? G*d I hope so!

All you have to do is follow the link and learn more about being part of the solution. Once again I’m asking for you to find it in your heart to say YES to help out!

Are you with me?

I want to thank you in advance for becoming part of this great Tea Party PAC coalition, someday you can tell your grandchildren how you were the person who saved America for them!



We Will Make America Great Again, But Not Without You!

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